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In the globalised knowledge and information societies, specialised language has become a prerequisite of any kind of efficient and effective communication, management and interoperability of technical systems and methodologies. Terminology and terminology management build an integral, high quality and quality-assuring part of the end products, services and tools in the fields of


Specialized communication is a fundamental activity which can determine either success or failure in business, trade, education, science and the industries. It concerns human as well as machine-based communication processes.

Terminology is the single most important factor of such specialised communication. It therefore requires PROFESSIONAL AND SKILLED MANAGEMENT. The task of terminology management demands highly TECHNICAL SKILLS as well as excellent COMMUNICATION, MANAGEMENT AND DECISION-MAKING ABILITIES.

The efficient and effective use of specialised language is a prerequisite for successful communication in industry, education and scientific communities. Specialised communication plays a crucial role in engineering /automotive / industry environments. Competitive business environments with dynamic development processes make necessary to constantly maintain and update corporate and organisational knowledge and to make it accessible for changing users and user groups.

Terminology management, quality assurance in technical documentation, state-of-the-art standards and training of professionals are key success factors.